Im an…..sorry….THE asshole, that everyone hates, and respects…..and loves…..I hold the power to destroy a person by bare hand or virtue of flurry. Im just doing me….I dont care what people think, but I still feel the need to please….I am a walking paradox……I long for the connection that only she can provide. Star crossed love is the best love. Im drawn to her, even when I dont realize I being led by what seems to be and unknowing predisposition. Dont get it twisted….Karma’s a bitch, but shes my old bitch. Im past that. I am more powerful that anyone you know, but I am weak in ways that, if you knew the thumbscrew, can have me succumb like superman to Kryptonite. Emotional ice still thaws out under the proper heat. She knows me as well as I know myself, but chances are we havent met…..and if we have, and shes around…..she may not know it yet….if she does…..i dont. I am perfectly-flawed. I am a walking oxymoron.

Do you niggas appreciate the metaphor in a movie as entertaining as that? Prolly not….delete yourself…..JOYISA!!!!!

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