Is it really cool to be this ignorant AND opposed to learning?(C2CSM)

Title really says it all….smh….I cant stand how people joke about their own ignorance, perpetuate their own ignorance, or attack people who make a sincerely innocent effort to cease it. Im thinking I’ll get a thnx, or nothing at all. But for that shit to be a debacle of “why would you do that,” is just beyond me. Law 10.

Link leads to the post, but I figure her page is private…..thank god she tries to lock the stupidity in, atleast.

Bebe Bella Baddas WTF theres gonna be a tekken movie…. ooooo shit

Tekken Movie Trailer (2010)
——–3,000,0000 views! —– Apr 18, 2010 5:51 PM PST (GMT -8) ——– 2,000,0000 views! —– Feb 21, 2010 7:12 PM PST (GMT -8) ——– 1,000,000 views! ——— Jan 18, 2010 10:24PM PST (GMT -8) *thank you all Tekken fans* EDIT #10: OH YEAH! …
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Dominique The-Dream McKenzie Seriously??
13 hours ago

Lisa Carbon O wow i will definatley watch this
13 hours ago

Juan L Thierry Jr -_-‘

it sounds like a good thing but i doubt it will be

Marshall Law >>>>>> (insert your fave Tekken fighter’s name here)
12 hours ago

Dominique The-Dream McKenzie Eddie Gordo!!!
11 hours ago

Teva Shanice I knew it. I knew they was gonna do that. Lol.
2 hours ago

Nobi Joyisa Cung Le is in it……i dont think he can act….
42 minutes ago ·

Dominique The-Dream McKenzie Thats street fighter lol
38 minutes ago

Nobi Joyisa I didnt say Chun Li. I said Cung Le
31 minutes ago ·

Dominique The-Dream McKenzie Wow was it that serious?
29 minutes ago

Bebe Bella Baddas lmao at dom
28 minutes ago

Dominique The-Dream McKenzie Lol zip it bebe. Lmao
25 minutes ago

Bebe Bella Baddas lol
23 minutes ago

Nobi Joyisa wow….dont get touchy. i didnt…..smh….. i dont understand niggas now-a-days
17 minutes ago ·

Bebe Bella Baddas nah but nobi omari… watever lol he right… ur ass also put the wiki link… lmao musta been touchy for u to make sure u were known to be right lol
15 minutes ago

Nobi Joyisa it wasnt about me being right. it was about helping someone who may have had a misunderstanding. each one, teach one. no biggie
9 minutes ago ·

Bebe Bella Baddas n he just asked was it that serious to post the link… lol u couldve just had the different names n left it at that but yet u wiki the name n post the link lmao
6 minutes ago

Dominique The-Dream McKenzie It was just a name confussion
5 minutes ago

Nobi Joyisa whats your point? ….providing info is an issue?….smh… done…..
3 minutes ago ·

Bebe Bella Baddas bye
3 minutes ago

Nobi Joyisa @dom thats all i was saying. i showed the difference and gave some info as a courtesy….if you didnt want the extra, ignore it. no biggie…..
about a minute ago ·

Dominique The-Dream McKenzie Thanks betsy
about a minute ago

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