why do you think your music is so great?

That’s an interesting one…..Ummmm….well, to make sure I cover the ambiguity, #1) Im my biggest fan. My music is definitely an expression of self, and so long as I make something Im pleased with, Im (self/re-)assured that its more than great. I listen to my shit like its not me, and at the risk of sounding self absorbed, I amaze myself sometimes. I also have the advantage of redoing anything Ive ever done, if I feel it doesnt sound on wax the way it sounds in my mind….so I kinda get a 2nd and 3rd chance to get it right before I let anyone else hear it….not that I ever redo anything….I can count on one hand how many times Ive redone a song out of want, versus need. REMEMBER: Backing up is more important that mixing (^_^).

Ummmm……oh, #2)…..as for why I think its so great, without me being a fan…..I dont really. Other people do. I try my hardest to not tell people what I think of my music when they ask questions like that. I just repeat what other people say, and leave it at that. Any artist should be their own greatest fan and critic, so I kinda assume everyone already thinks I like my own shit; however, I try to let people know Im not giving them MY opinion, per se, when they ask about it.

My view has always been that you should be satisfied, and once you are, someone somewhere will like it. That and Im kinda lucky people like my take on shit….pure coincidence. -JOYISA!!!

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