But why be an asswhole….why not just be nice sometimes?

Lemme try to keep this under a billion characters long.

Depends mostly on how you define "asshole," doesnt it? I honestly feel that if you think of me, truly–in your heart of hearts–as an asshole, then one or more of these apply:
1) youre making a pretty hasty and superficial judgement call
2) I dont like you
3) youre shallow
4) you have very thin skin
5) you either lack a sense of humor, or yours differs from mine greatly
6) I dont like you
7) I dont fucking like you
8) you have a very loose lexical definition of "asshole"
9) youre on the bandwagon
10) I really dont fucking like you

That being said, Im kind and caring to fault. Alesia can testify (even though she’d hate to admit it). Im definitely brash at times, if not all the time…..I can be pretty bull headed, and I try to make sure my arrogance is peppered meaningfully, not superfluous. But I work with organised chaos in mind. I dont care about most of the shit you guys care about, and….I care more about shit you dont care about…..I have a different set of guidelines that lead me. Most people in general will have something negative to say about ANYTHING different or anything they dont have a complete understanding. Its just a general act of dismissive behavior. Think about it: Just because you share a few common traits with something doesnt make you that thing, does it?

I dont adhere to this guise of kindness and caring that most of you subscribe to, esp in the south. For what? Not my culture. Not my cup of tea. I piss people off in the family because I tell people I dont like someone Im related to…..because the consensus is that you are to like and respect someone because they are related to you, because of how they are related to you, and/or because of some other shit I think is bullocks. Piss off.

……that and I have a reputation to uphold. I may or may not have deserved the title, but I have embraced it because the good outweighs the bad. It deters much of the bullshit, and people who would otherwise be hurt later rather than sooner, and garners me the attention I need to make what I need happen, happen. Master Plan, ya dig?

Besides, Andy Dick is an asshole.


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