….Goddamn it….smh…..

(Click the picture [or here] for the story, incase youre as late as I am)

WHAT DID I JUST SAY? WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY?…….you dont know huh? Well, this is what I just said(click here) And then this nigga has to get added to the list of motherfuckers who’s making us take steps back. I mean, I get it. People are calling into the question your sexuality, and you need to do shit to…..”prove”……?……them wrong. But really? Dont get me wrong though, if she wasnt a young jawn, it wouldnt be (completely) worth shitting on. But come on. Checks and balances, much?

And before you get on me, Im not saying that its Treys fault. There are enough people out there to do that….(the law….the DA…..her parents)…..I do understand, but damn nigga…..steps are being taken back regardless. There are other ways.


All in all……that bitch is a complete fucking stranger dog….you didnt even have enough time to check for herpes scars….smh….

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