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why is it that females tend to feel threatened by the possibility of someone else wanting to have random thoughts about you?

is that what feeling threatened looks like? hmmm….Ill Formspring then, and get back to you on that, then Ask me anything Advertisements

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Welcome Back….JOYISA!!!!

Its funny: I learn who you were after years of loving your guise. After learning who you really were Im curious as to why I still care…..smh….Being real would have saved us both heartache, and allowed us the time we … Continue reading

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So…ive been sick

And this is also the reason i stopped using camera phones in favor of camcorders Location : Address not available

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Am I clingy? Cause if I am, I hope I don’t progress into: People so clingy they associate a day without hearing from you with being ditched. Sigh……Shanae Barnette, you’re being a bitch, and you need to fucking chill. I … Continue reading

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….its no wonder….

I'm always jealous of EVERY nigga she's every around…..cause not only do all these niggas like her, but 2 times I've been shown that she's fucking them. I mean, grant it, we are NOT officially anything, but it would be … Continue reading

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I just realized….

….that I'm doing exactly what my mom said I was. I'm shitting on my family for her. And its not cool. I don't mind really helping her or being with her, but I don't wanna do it at the expense … Continue reading

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…….I don’t need to be here, (right) now…..

……playing in bed gets carried away, and two dreads get torn out by accident. Cool. Shit happens. I’m not trying to sweat it. Dreads come out, and can be reattached with little to backfire. When I ask for the person … Continue reading

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